How to detect ‘suspected’ vessels – a project for the Baltic Sea

At a meeting on 6 September more Baltic Member States agreed to follow the successful experience of Finland and Norway, by cooperating in the issuing of immediate warnings whenever a single hull tanker is detected carrying heavy grade oil along their coasts.  

The warning should be issued on the basis of a list of tankers updated by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). The list of “target vessels” is not a banning list, but a list of vessels that should be closely monitored and further examined to verify that they comply with the provisions of the relevant legislation (MARPOL Convention and Regulation (EC) No 1726/2003/EC, which establish an accelerated phasing-out scheme for single hull tankers).  

The project will be further considered at the next Helcom (Helsinki Commission – Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission) meeting, with the objective of broadening participation and taking account of the latest AIS (Automatic Identification System) developments in the region. 

Source: EMSA Newsletter No. 11 (September 2005) 

Contact: Dragos Rauta