IMO – Implementation of Regulations 13G and 13H by Hong Kong, China

The IMO issued a circular MEPC Circ. 431 forwarding a communication received from the Administration of Hong Kong, China with regard to its implementation of revised Regulation 13G and new Regulation 13H of MARPOL Annex I.

Readers should verify what Hong Kong, China has said for themselves, but our understanding of the essential part of whether Hong Kong, China will, as a flag state, allow extensions past 2010 is that it will allow only tankers less than 20 years old to extend past 2010 to 2015. Also tankers 5,000 dwt and above, with double bottom or double sides, up to 25 years, will be allowed to extend, as per 13G, BUT not beyond. There are no extensions for vessels carrying heavy grade oils. 

Contacts: Dragos Rauta; Joe Angelo