The Workshop was addressed by USCG Commandant, Admiral Loy, who appreciated the INTERTANKO interest and contribution. He recognised that the public is unaware that 95% of goods moved to and from US are transported by sea and thus does not realise the importance of this sector to the US economy. Although the other means of transportation and their network and support logistics are new (roads, airports), ports structure and port locations may even be as old as a few hundreds years. These have to be updated to meet the expectations of the 21st century. He also stressed that the events of last year gave a new dimension to this task, namely port and ship security. The results of these activities are expected in a model Port Template against which each port can measure its standards and performance. The Template is expected to be flexible and based on performance standards that would enable each port to address its own particularities in terms of security and safety assessments.

The INTERTANKO presentation brought into discussion the recommendations in its 1997 Ports and Terminal Study. INTERTANKO expressed the opinion that by implementing measures to promote environmental protection and safety of navigation, tankers would contribute to the security of waterways and harbour environments. Like the US MTS Study, the INTERTANKO “Safe Transportation” mission has taken on a new dimension in relation to the security of the people onboard, the ship itself and the ports at which ships call. INTERTANKO will support and assist all these endeavours. Its efforts to achieve increased transparency of information on both crew and cargo onboard but also on the ships’ historical records had to some extent anticipated the new developments. However, INTERTANKO also recommended that the extent to which the problem of security could be solved by the ship alone should not be overestimated. Finally it called for a simple and straightforward regulation that should only cover risks/threats that can be contained or monitored at this point in time. INTERTANKO also commended the US for its decision to take this initiative to IMO and work for international solutions.

INTERTANKO was represented by Dragos Rauta. For further information contact Dragos Rauta