INTERTANKO Submission to IMO - Double bottom protection for "pump rooms"

INTERTANKO has submitted a paper to the IMO's Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) with comments on a proposed interpretation of a new MARPOL regulation for double bottom protection of tankers' pump rooms. Click here to view the submission.  

In brief, INTERTANKO agrees that there is need for a unified interpretation of the term "pump room" and suggests that "pump room" should mean "cargo pump room" only so as to avoid subjecting the "ballast pump room" to mandatory double bottom protection. 

INTERTANKO recognises that, if ballast pumps are located in cargo pump rooms, then they would inherently be located above a double bottom. However, the INTERTANKO submission presents a number of disadvantages should the IMO adopt an interpretation which would require ballast pump rooms to have double bottom protection.  

Contact: Dragos Rauta