INTERTANKO Witnesses to the US Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee

The sinking of the oil tanker Prestige off the coast of Spain on 19 November and the European Union’s quick reaction in suggesting new measures for single-hulled tankers has prompted the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, chaired by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), to set a hearing on US and international efforts to gradually ban single-hulled tankers.

The Senate Commerce Committee has jurisdiction over marine transportation and safety and the USCG. The witnesses were requested to focus on recent oil spills and the new proposals for the phase-out of single-hulled tankers as well as assessing the impact of such measures on the oil trade to the US.

INTERTANKO was invited to give a testimony together with a number of other Government Agencies and industry representatives such as the USCG, US Department of Commerce; US Environmental Protection Agency; AWO (American Waterways Operators); American Chamber of Shipping; Shipbuilders Council of America; World Wildlife Fund; American Petroleum Institute; and Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. This written testimony can be viewed here  and a copy of the oral testimony can be viewed here

The hearing was scheduled for Thursday, 9 January p.m. in Washington D.C. and a report on the outcome will be given in next week’s Weekly NEWS.

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