INTERTANKO meetings in Washington D.C.

INTERTANKO Managing Director Peter Swift met the Democrats’ Staff Director of the US House Sub Committee on Coast Guard and Transportation, John Cullather, to discuss foreign flag ship security certification, verification of foreign vessel security plans, low use by USCG/PSC of the SIRE database, salvage and firefighting rulemaking, and State regulations.

As previously reported, some Congressmen (predominantly Democrats) are strongly in favour of the security plans of foreign flag vessels being certified by the USCG. Despite these views, the USCG position to accept certification by other flag administrations apparently remains unchanged. It is expected, however, that a certified copy of the vessel security plan in English will be required to be on board when the original plan is in any other language.

INTERTANKO also met the Executive Staff of the Liberian International Ship & Registry (LISCR) (Yoram Cohen, Scott Bergeron, Anthony Dupree, Dave Pascoe and Pini Swartz) to discuss their strategy with regard to the certification and implementation of maritime security plans. The LISCR has already received security plans for review from a few companies and their ships. Emphasis was placed on the need for owners to submit their plans as early as possible in order to ensure timely review and processing. The opportunity was also taken to discuss issues associated with the proposed expansion of CAS to tankers from 15 years of age and the administrative burden involved, as well as experiences to date. Despite the recent disturbing events in Liberia, LISCR were also able to assure INTERTANKO of their ability to maintain business as usual, and detailed the authorities which permit uninterrupted service to owners.

INTERTANKO also met with Jim Poole, Chartering Manager at ExxonMobil. Discussions concerned the new phase-out rule developments and their possible impact on the market, the image of the tanker and oil industries and possible consultations on this subject, as well as new management changes at ExxonMobil Fairfax HQ. A notable change for INTERTANKO is the appointment of Jack Buono as General Manager for Maritime Transportation. Jack Buono, currently Vice President for operations with SeaRiver, will assume his new position in mid-August.

Peter Swift was accompanied by Mr. Sean Connaugthon (meeting at the House) and Dragos Rauta.

Contact: Dragos Rauta