Italy takes action on Tanktech p/v valves

As previously reported in our article inWeekly NEWS No. 26 of 1 July 2005, the European Commission issued an Opinion 2005/C 148/03 on 9 June 2005 supporting interim measures taken by the government of Denmark referring to high velocity pressure/vacuum relief valves model NEW-ISO-HV manufactured by Tanktech Co. in the Republic of Korea and recommending that EU Flag Administrations consider adoption of similar measures.  

In our Weekly News No. 18 of 15 July 2005 we also published a communication from Tanktech Co., Ltd., Busan City, Korea, concerning this matter. 

Recently, it has been brought to our attention that the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation has issued an instruction concerning foreign flag vessels operating in Italian ports that have onboard Tanktech pressure/vacuum valves type NEW ISO HV 80 manufactured before 1 January 2003. In its Circular Letter – Series General No 58 -effective 4 October, 2005, the Italian Administration requires the following preventive measures to be complied with on all foreign flag vessels operating in Italian ports: 

a)     Vessels fitted with valves type NEW ISO HV 80 manufactured by Tanktech before 1 January 2003 are not allowed to operate, hence discharge and loading will not be permitted.

b)     Valves type NEW ISO HV 80, manufactured by Tanktech after 1 January 2003, will be verified by the local Port Authority for compliance with the certified prototype with particular attention being paid to the dimensions of the booster disk, which is to be 155 mm in diameter. Documents of Compliance (DOCs) with the certified prototype may be acceptable for such verification. If considered necessary by the local Port Authority, a surveyor from the ship’s classification society may be requested to attend for verification of the P/V valves. In the case where valves are found not to comply with the prototype, action as per item (a) above will be taken.

c)     The vessel’s master and the terminal operator are to take preventive measures necessary for the safety of operations, implying a need to reduce discharge and loading rates if Tanktech valves of the series NEW ISO HV, other than HV 80, are installed on board. 

We would warn members that the above information has been taken from a free translation of the original document received from Italy. However, we consider the information to be of such importance that members need to be made aware of it so they can check with their agents on the latest situation in each of the Italian ports at which their tankers will call. 

Contact: Dragos Rauta