JTP releases the 2nd draft of the Common Structural Rules (CSR) for Double Hull Oil Tankers

The participants in the Joint Tanker Project [i.e. the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lloyd's Register (LR) and Det Norske Veritas(DNV)] have this week released the 2nd draft of the proposed Common Structural Rules (CSR) for Double Hull Oil Tankers. This includes a Summary of the Technical Rule Changes to the June 2004 Rules that were published on 6 January 2005 and the Detailed Technical Rule Change to the June 2004 Rules released on 20 January 2005. 

We anticipate that those familiar with the last two documents will be up-to-date with the second draft of the rules. However, further communication from JTP indicates that, "in order to respond to some of the more fundamental feedback received during the initial hearing/feedback period", it will continue to work and improve on some of the proposed rules.  

The JTP anticipates the following changes:  

(a)  consolidation and reduction of the number of load cases specified in the prescriptive rules;

(b)  consolidation and reduction of the number of load cases for the Finite Element analysis;

(c)  clarification of how the ship in operation wastage allowance given in section 12 relates to the present classification regime including definition and use of the term substantial corrosion;

(d)  inclusion of requirements for coating application and coating maintenance as it is actively being considered by IACS and industry.

 The results of these improvement activities and further feedback from the industry will be included in the final issue of the CSR for Double Hull Oil Tankers in the autumn of 2005. 

According to JTP, the deadline for industry comments on the 2nd draft is set for August 2005. It is anticipated that the ABS, LR and DNV Technical Committees will adopt the CSR in October/November 2005 for a targeted introduction date on 1 January 2006 

JTP is planning to release "during the next month":  

(a)  an extensive Consequence Assessment study conducted for nine ships illustrating changes from the as-built scantlings to the new scantlings (cargo tank region and the forward and aft ends for each ship) complying with the new CSR for Double Hull Tankers and

(b)  a study comparing damages found on existing double hull tankers in the areas where scantling increases are being required by the new CSR for Double Hull Oil Tankers. JTP plans to make available the software supporting the application of the CSR when updates to account for all rule changes made in the 2nd draft will be completed. 

The INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC) will consider this new draft and submit further comments accordingly. On completion of the analysis of the draft, ISTEC intends to have a technical meeting with the JTP representatives to secure any further clarifications needed. 

Contact: Dragos Rauta