Low sulphur fuel oils in SECAs - experience and feedback questionnaire

INTERTANKO invites members’ assistance over feedback on their experiences concerning the availability, changeover procedures and use of lower sulphur fuel oil. This information is needed in order to build up the practical, in-service experience which would assist a solid representation of members’ interests at the IMO as well as being useful for Worldscale purposes.

The recent entry into force of the first of the Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs) in the Baltic Sea on 19 May 2006, and the forthcoming SECA enforcement in the North Sea/English Channel in November 2007, bring a set of new challenges for operations and rule enforcement. Thus this requested data would give a better platform for INTERTANKO to represent its members interests as part of the IMO’s activity over the ongoing major revision of MARPOL Annex VI (the air pollution regulations).

A questionnaire has been compiled for this purpose. We encourage you to respond to all questions even though certain questions are shaded designating a lower priority. Your assistance will guide us during this revision process, giving us actual examples of circumstances encountered when applying the Regulations as they currently exist, and will highlight areas for particular consideration during the revision process.

Contact:Tim Gunner