MEPC - Major review of rules and guidelines for oil residues and bilge water treatment

As a result of a submission from Denmark and written comments and suggestions from other delegations, including a joint INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO submission, it was decided at the 55th session of the IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 55) to delegate to the Design and Equipment Sub-Committee (DE) the task of revising relevant regulations of MARPOL Annex I and Annex VI and IMO relevant guidelines for ship residues and bilge water treatment systems and installations. The review will be first addressed at the next DE session in March 2007.


INTERTANKO has already informed the IMO that it is prepared to provide data and assistance in support of prompt follow-up action that could facilitate a fast track review.


Benefiting from joint action by their Technical Committees, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO are in a good position to assist in the development of an industry guide for best practices for shipboard-generated waste.


Contact: Dragos Rauta