MSC 82 - New Goal-Based Ship Construction Standards - Pilot Project with the IACS Common Structural Rules

In order to progress with the development of the Goal Based Standards (GBS) it was agreed at MSC 82 to run a Pilot Project that would conduct a trial application of Tier III - Verification of the GBS. This would be run for oil tankers and bulk carriers with the intention of validating the Tier III verification framework, identifying shortcomings and making proposals for improvement.


The Pilot Project will consider the IACS Common Structural Rules (CSR) as a model but it should produce recommendations on key areas such as:


(1)           Procedures for how a Tier III verification process should be carried out;

(2)           Information and documentation requirements for the rules to be assessed;

(3)           Evaluation criteria to be used by the Group of Experts to determine if the rules meet the goals and functional requirements of the IMO GBS;

(4)           Criteria and procedures for nominating candidates for the future Group of Experts;

(5)           If identified, potential modifications of Tiers I and II;

(6)           Reporting format that should be used by the future Group of Experts.


Participants in this Pilot Project will be selected by the IMO Secretariat from nominations by Flag Administrations and the industry/NGOs. Nominated individuals should be sufficiently acquainted with the rules and rule development to be able to interpret correctly the rules for correlation with relevant regulatory requirements, and also have an adequate knowledge of at least one of the following: ship design and construction; safety requirements; environmental protection requirements; ship operational efficiency; and survey, inspection and maintenance regimes. INTERTANKO may consider nominating a representative to the group.


Contact: Dragos Rauta