Marine Safety Data Sheets for MARPOL Annex I cargoes and marine fuel oils

As a result of a sustained INTERTANKO initiative, the 77th Session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) adopted in June this year Resolution MSC.150 (77) urging Governments to ensure that Marine Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are used for MARPOL Annex I cargoes and marine fuel oils as defined by IMO.

We encourage members to use this new MSDS format and at the same time give us feedback on whether or not shippers accept it.

The use of MSDS could be made mandatory through a SOLAS regulation. So far, an IMO Resolution is not a binding measure and therefore your feedback is essential to further assess whether we should request IMO to consider making its use mandatory.

Click here for a copy of the MSC Resolution with the standard MSDS format and guidelines on how to fill in the information.

Contact: Dragos Rauta