Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for MARPOL Annex I Cargoes and Bunkers now mandatory

The Bulk Liquid and Gases Sub-Committee’s 10th Session (BLG 10) has adopted a new regulation 5-1 to SOLAS which mandates that shippers should provide oil tankers with a MSDS for the oil cargoes delivered for transportation and to provide all ships with a MSDS for the fuels delivered to them.

This is the end of a successful campaign initiated by INTERTANKO a few years ago in IMO and which initially was adopted as a voluntary measure to provide ships with MSDS for oil cargoes and bunkers. The voluntary measure was adopted  as resolution MSC.150(77) which is now to be used as the guide on what should be the content of the mandatory MSDSs

Contact: Timothy Gunner