Modification to the Oil Record Book (Part I – Machinery space operations)

The revision of MARPOL Annex I (reference to the IMO Resolution MEPC 117(52)) is in force as of 1 January 2007. Certain changes have been introduced for the Oil Record Book (ORB) records i.e.:


-            C11.1 and C11.2 records are merged to C11

-                      E19 operational code is deleted (i.e. the text of it being incorporated into E16), therefore the rest of the operational codes are re-numbered as F19 to H26 without any other change

-            Failure of Oil Filtering Equipment should be recorded in Oil Record Book.


Please be advised that the changes are mandatory as from 1 January 2007. In case Administrations have not issued the revised ORB, incorporating the above changes, we recommend that as of 1 January 2007 the revised operational codes records are used in the vessels’ existing "old" ORBs.


For the members using the "Guide for correct entries in the ORB (Part I – Machinery and space operations)" certain corrections must be made in pages 7, 8 and 9. Particularly for entry C11, page 7 the new text is as follows :


"(C) Collection and disposal of oil residues (sludge and other oil residues)


        11.   Collection of oil residues.

               Quantities of oil residues (sludge and other oil residues) retained on board. The quantity should be recorded weekly: (This means that the quantity must be recorded once a week if the voyage lasts more than one week.)


               .1     -  identity of tank(s) …………………

               .2     -  capacity of tank(s) ………………...m3

               .3     -  total quantity of retention …………m3;"


Consequently, those who have purchased our booklet 'A Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book (Part I – Machinery space operations)' Revised Edition February 2006 will need to replace on page 7 the text of the C.11.1 and C.11.2 entries with the above text.


We will, however, retain the comments in our Guide with respect to these entries which follow:


'Anticipated daily quantity will be 0.8% of HFO daily consumption plus 0.5 % of DO daily consumption.


'Anticipated daily quantity 15 lt / 1000 KW of actual ME Power for Diesel Engines only.


'Record used oils or other liquids of hydrocarbon origin, which due to degradation cannot be used any more.


'Entries must be done at the end of each voyage but not more frequently than once per week in case of short voyages.'


We also advise that the examples of recording given through our Guide with reference to C.11.1 and C.11.2 (i.e. pages 16, 17, 18, 20 and 21) should be corrected and reference made to C.11 only, according to the new version of the Oil Record Book.


Due to the current continuous debate within IMO relating to ORB entries, the next revision of this guide is planned for not earlier than the end of 2007.


Contact: Dragos Rauta