Only one more country needed for Annex VI to enter into force.

On 5 April 2004Barbados became a contracting state to MARPOL’s Annex VI on the prevention of air emissions from ships. This brings the total number of contracting states to 14, and the entry into force requirement is 15. The requirement regarding tonnage has already been met. Annex VI will enter into force 12 months after the instrument has been ratified by 15 parties to MARPOL which control at least 50% of the world’s commercial fleet.

INTERTANKO has long been urging States to ratify Annex VI. This instrument was adopted in 1997 and regulates the emission into the atmosphere of specified pollutants from ships, by limiting the discharge of nitrogen oxides from larger marine diesel engines, governing the sulphur content of marine diesel fuel, prohibiting the emission of ozone-depleting compounds during the transfer of cargoes between tankers and terminals, setting standards for shipboard incinerators and fuel oil quality, and establishing requirements for platforms and drilling rigs at sea.

Contact: Dragos Rauta