Partial suspension of the U.S Proposed Rulemaking for Salvage and Fire-fighting

Current response plan regulations require that owners and operators of tank vessels carrying Groups I through V petroleum oil as a primary cargo identify in their vessel response plan (VRP) salvage and fire-fighting companies that can deploy equipment to a port nearest the vessel’s operating area within 24 hours of notification. On 17 January 2001, a notice of suspension was published in the Federal Register, suspending the 24-hour requirement scheduled to become effective on 12 February 2001, until 12 February 2004 (63 FR 7069). The Coast Guard has now decided to extend this suspension period for another 3 years to allow it to complete the rulemaking that proposes to revise the salvage and marine fire-fighting requirements. This extension is effective as of 12 February 2004. Termination of the suspension will be on 12 February 2007.

More details can be seen in the Federal Register of 23 January 2004 at the following link: 69 Fed. Reg. 3236.

Please be aware that this is only a partial suspension and not a decision to stop this rulemaking. However, we are encouraged to see that comments and advice provided by INTERTANKO and our Industry partners in the U.S. have been taken into account.

Contact: Dragos Rauta