It is essential that MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI on air pollution from ships be ratified as soon as possible. This is the fundamental platform for all work by shipowners’ associations on air pollution policy.

At a meeting of the Safety and Environment Committee of the European Communities Shipowners’ Association on Thursday 7 February initial consideration was given to a draft comment to the European Commission’s discussion paper on “A Community Strategy on Air Pollution from Seagoing Ships”. The draft will be further considered at a meeting on 13 February at the International Chamber of Shipping. It is likely that there will be a joint ECSA/ICS submission as well as one from INTERTANKO making the same essential point about the need for ratification of Annex VI. The deadline for submissions has been postponed to the end of February. The text of the submissions will be made available in due course.

At the meeting, the Swedish Shipowners’ Association reported that it had engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers to draft a European trading scheme for SO2 and Nox. The proposed trading scheme will include both land-based emitters and emissions from ships.

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