Singapore Accreditation Scheme for Bunker Suppliers

As from 1st June 2003, the Singapore Maritime Port Authority (MPA) will implement an accreditation scheme for bunker suppliers. The phase-in of the scheme will take 2 years during which time all bunker suppliers will have to attain the appropriate accreditation qualifications. The annual renewal of the bunkering licence will be subject to the suppliers achieving the accreditation qualifications.

In this way, Singapore MPA will indeed make a 100% commitment to ensure complete control of the quality and adequacy of bunkers delivered to ships in their jurisdiction.

The  accreditation qualifications are:

(a) Minimum Paid-Up Capital  - Bunker suppliers shall have a minimum paid-up capital of Singapore $200,000 by 31 May 2005. They must have the minimum paid-up capital or more when renewing their licences.
(b) Quality Management for Bunker Supply Chain (QMBS) - Bunker suppliers shall have a QMBS (see our Weekly NEWS of 4 April). An annual compliance audit will be carried out by the certification body and an audit report submitted to MPA before the expiry of their annual licence. The list of SAC accredited QMS certification bodies can be obtained from the SAC website:
(c) Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - Bunker suppliers must have satisfied the KPI which comprise craft operations records, bunker supply records and customer feedback records, by achieving a minimum score during a 12-month period of assessment.

More details of the accreditation scheme can be seen in the MPA Port Marine Circular 

Contact: Dragos Rauta or John Fawcett-Ellis