Successful risk management in practice

DNV Petroleum Services recently released two bunker alerts on HFO deliveries in Fujairah and Muscat contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons and naphthalene. Through its wide-reaching service network and fast response it managed to forewarn vessels which had taken fuel in the affected ports. Over 12 ships were able to avoid engine damage in this way.

This incident illustrates successful risk management in practice, where all vessels involved had taken representative samples during the bunkering and sent them to DNVPS laboratories for testing. This enabled them to spot the fuel quality problem promptly and in turn provide ship operators with the necessary support to initiate further preventive action.

As fuel quality has become more unpredictable, DNVPS is focusing on improving its bunker screening and analytical techniques and has announced that an internal Technical Task Force will soon be in place to spearhead its research projects and fuel consulting services.

Click here for further details in its circular dated 10 May 2004.

Contact: Dragos Rauta