Switch to Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) a necessary step to lower air pollution from ships

"Switching to MDO is offering a common-sense, immediate and global opportunity to significantly reduce emissions from ships," said Dragos Rauta, Technical Manager of INTERTANKO, in a recent presentation given to the Bunker Summit - Greece 2007 in Athens


He stressed that the use of Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) is not claimed to be the "sole solution", as many critics have asserted, but a significant element of a holistic set of measures to reduce air emissions from ships. He added that "the mandatory use of MDO in all ship engines would facilitate innovation and the use of sophisticated technologies for further and future emission reductions from ships and that it would align shipping with other means of transportation”.


Although recognising that there is a need for a thorough time frame to ensure the global availability of MDO, he stressed that out of all alternative measures considered by the IMO to date, a switch to MDO is not only feasible but safer and with obvious additional benefits. 


The use of scrubbers is another solutions proposed to reduce air pollution from ships, but facts demonstrate that the availability and reliability of these still need to be demonstrated. It also appears that a massive retrofitting of scrubbers (when and if available) on the commercial fleet would be a lengthy endeavour.


Click here to view the presentation and the slide show. 


Contact: Dragos Rauta