TMSA benchmarking system fully available!

We are pleased to announce the full availability of INTERTANKO’s Tanker Management & Self Assessment (TMSA) Benchmarking system on our web site. This is based on the Oil Companies’ International Marine Forum (OCIMF) TMSA and enables members to enter their own TMSA data in a confidential manner - i.e. no one else other than the owner will be able to identify who has input the data. However the owner will be able to see his own ratings measured against the collective TMSA values for the INTERTANKO membership.


We started with nine data entries, which were submitted by members selected to be a pilot group during a test phase of this project. But the more members that enter data, the better the benchmarking capability of the database. The number at the end of this week was 29 entries. The TMSA benchmarking system is available on our web site by clicking here.


Each member will be issued with a unique identifier that will enable him to update his own data as may be necessary as time goes by and an owner’s ratings change.


This project has taken a long while to complete, for which we apologise. However, we believe this will be of real value to members. INTERTANKO is currently working on additional benchmarking systems for members and we will keep you advised of their availability in due course.


Should members have any difficulties, please contact


Contact: Erik Ranheim  or Howard Snaith