The EMSA Panel on double hull tankers considers aspects that are cause for concern

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) panel on double hull tankers met on 31 March 2005 to discuss the draft of its Final Report. The Final Report will cover a number of issues which, if not adequately addressed, are considered cause for concern with regard to double hull structure.  

For instance, it includes accelerated structural corrosion in ballast tanks and cargo tanks; fatigue analysis; challenges with regard to maintenance on large double hull structures; lack of international standards and procedures to monitor workmanship in the building stage; and control of atmosphere in void and ballast spaces etc. 

The Final Report may put forward a number of recommendations either for additional industry guidelines, or for possible new regulatory developments. The text of the draft Report will be monitored by ISTEC and made available to the membership for information and comment. 

Contact: Dragos Rauta