UK Corrosion 2002 Conference – 22-24 October 2002, Cardiff, Wales

Mr. Bjarne Thygesen, member of INTERTANKO’s Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC), gave a presentation on Crude Oil Tanker Cargo Tank Corrosion at Session 7 (Corrosion Issues from Emerging Technologies) of the International Technical Conference and Exhibition UK Corrosion 2002 held on 22-24 October 2002 in Cardiff, Wales.

The corrosion specialist community was given a general reminder about the corrosive environment in the crude oil cargo tanks during the various operational phases in a tanker’s normal service life. INTERTANKO organised an industry-wide conference in 1998 to discuss the then newly discovered, surprisingly severe microbe induced corrosion (MIC) on some double-hulled tankers less than 5 years old with a high percentage of high tensile steel (HTS). Mr Thygesen’s presentation gave an update on what has happened since to the corrosion issue, coating, use of HTS and possible harmonization of class societies’ rules. It also showed what progress had been achieved and the steps taken by a few proactive companies to deal with some of these issues.

“INTERTANKO encourages steel mills, class societies, ship builders and others to work together to eliminate the need for negative tolerances on steel plate thickness and to develop ship steel with better corrosion resistance. …Shipbuilders must build more robust tankers and IACS must speed up the harmonization work on scantlings and fatigue and bring it to a conclusion as soon as possible.”

A copy of Mr Thygesen’s presentation and slides can be viewed here

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