USCG’s Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee meets

The US Coast Guard Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) met on 4 March 2004 at the US Coast Guard Headquarters in WashingtonDC. A number of INTERTANKO members participated in the meeting as well as in the meeting of the Hazardous Cargo Transportation Security Subcommittee on 2-4 March 2004.

The full CTAC meeting agenda included:

  • A Status report from the CTAC Hazardous Cargo Transportation Security Subcommittee. In addition to a report on the status of ongoing tasks it was announced that the USCG is setting up a working group to look at the carriage of cargo mixtures from a security perspective. Conference calls or meetings are scheduled for 16 March 2004 and 7 April 2004 from 09:30-12:00.
  • NFPA 472 Subcommittee - An initiative to incorporate marine-specific competencies, for hazardous material incident responders, into the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 472 Standard was approved. INTERTANKO will be participating in this subcommittee.
  • Chemical Distribution Institute – a presentation by the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) on its Responsible Care Programme was given by the CDI General Manager.
  • Maritime Security – A presentation was given by a representative of the Coast Guard's Office of Port, Vessel, and Facility Security. It was noted during this presentation that 21 names have been submitted to the White House for the new National Maritime Security Advisory Committee. That list of names is not available.
  • Hazardous Substance Response Plan (HSRP) Regulations. A representative from the USCG Office of Response reported on the work to date on the OPA’90 HSRP regulations. There is still no time line in place for a scheduled completion. This regulation had been previously overtaken by a need to devote resources to security regulations. The USCG is now gearing up to complete the HSRP and the OPA’90 salvage regulations. Although the finalisation of the salvage regulations has recently been further delayed, the salvage regulations have priority. The actual regulatory schedule for the Salvage and Firefighting and HSRP rulemakings was not discussed. The USCG did say that it may give consideration to implementing that part of the HSRP requirements that complements the IMO SOPEP requirements.

The next CTAC meeting will be held in October 2004. Copies of the presentations on the USCG Security Plan Review and Approval Process and Hazardous Substance Response Plan Regulations can be found on the INTERTANKO website