INTERTANKO Tanker Event - Focus Session on Vetting and the Human Element

Over one hundred attendees at the INTERTANKO Tanker Event in Istanbul this week took the opportunity to learn more about vetting and the human element in a session moderated by INTERTANKO’s Marine Manager, Fredrik Larsson.


Koch Shipping’s Capt John Dudley explained why oil companies and  charterers have their own officer matrix.


Capt Timothy Crowch from RTI, a former senior commercial airline captain, explained to the audience how safety management systems had evolved in the aviation industry, and what shipping could learn from it. He elaborated on human behaviour, and stressed the importance of systems being adapted to humans and not the other way around.


Then INTERTANKO’s marine Director Capt Howard Snaith introduced INTERTANKO’s TOTS (Tanker Officer Training Standard) system, a joint project of INTERTANKO’s Vetting Committee and Human Element in Shipping Committee. TOTS aims to provide core competency-based training for tanker officers, initially via structured record books that address both time in rank and time in company, with in-built verification systems through bespoke Computer Based Assessment systems and simulator training and verification model courses.


TOTS was formally launched at this week’s INTERTANKO Event in Istanbul.

Click here for further information on the TOTS system which is available on our web site.


All presentations may be viewed on INTERTANKO’s web site at Intertanko Presentations.


Contact: Howard Snaith or Fredrik Larsson