Port State Control Conference focuses on enforcing a consistent regime

INTERTANKO’s Marine Manager Fredrik Larsson talked about Port State Control from an owner’s perspective and what INTERTANKO would like to see in the near future, as a speaker at Lloyds List’s Port State Control conference in London this week. He spoke of increased harmonisation and standards, a higher degree of integrity and the establishment of independent review boards.  

Larsson’s full presentation can be viewed on the INTERTANKO web site at: http://www.intertanko.com/about/presentations/ 

The conference focused on how to enforce a consistent regime. Among the speakers were representatives from various Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), Classification Societies, the IMO, and the U.S. Coast Guard.  

It was commonly recognised that Port State Control has been effective in clearing out sub-standard ships in certain areas. But an extension of transparency in EQUASIS systems, and a decrease in multiple inspections were also considered necessary developments. The need for an independent appeal process was also discussed, especially as the European Union's (EU's) Third Maritime Safety Package includes a proposal which could result in a single detention placing the vessel’s owner on a Black List. 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson