Register your Questionnaire 88 and CAS information before 5 April 2005

It is very important to note that from the 5 April 2005 certain oil tankers will be required to comply with the Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS) survey requirements and that the first CAS survey shall be carried out concurrent with the first intermediate or renewal survey after 5 April 2005, or after the date on which the ship reaches 15 years of age, whichever occurs later.  

At the recent meeting of IMO’s Flag State Implementation Sub-committee (FSI 13, 7-11 March 2005) a main point that arose was how PSC could gain access to the relevant CAS information for tankers. This they wish to do in order to determine if a vessel should have CAS or not, and if so, whether it has a Statement of Compliance.  

The point we would like to make clear is that members should register their Questionnaire 88 with us at  before the 5 April 2005 and ensure that the CAS question contained within the Questionnaire 88 is completed.  

One of the benefits offered to owners through the use of is the opportunity to publish their Questionnaire 88 on the web site. This allows their customers and vendors (charterers, brokers, agents, etc.) to quickly retrieve the vessel information directly from the internet for themselves. Until recently, only fee-paying subscribers have had access to this feature. Now all INTERTANKO members can register a free account on so they can publish their Questionnaire 88 on the web site.
The simple CAS question asks:

"Does the vessel have a Statement of Compliance issued under the provisions of the Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS)?"

The answers are either "Yes, "No" or "N/A".

Clarification of the answers are as follows:

Yes: = Yes the vessel does have a Statement of Compliance

No: = No the vessel does not yet have a Statement of Compliance

N/A: = The vessel does not need a Statement of Compliance

We understand that as this CAS information is not available elsewhere (there is no information in the IMO database for example). PSC will therefore focus on the links via EQUASIS to determine whether CAS applies to the ship or not.

It is equally important to be aware that, if there is no information available within EQUASIS (i.e no completed Questionnaire), then we also understand that PSC may well visit the vessel to verify whether it should have a Statement of Compliance. Completing and submitting a Questionnaire 88 will not guarantee that PSC will not visit the vessel for this purpose, but it will greatly reduce the chances, as we understand PSC will concentrate on those ships for which no information is available.
The registration of the Questionnaire 88 with is free of charge for all INTERTANKO members and we urge members to ensure it is completed and submitted to before 5 April 2005.
Questionnaires 88 can be registered via the web site at the following link or contacted via telephone at 001 203 662 2600
Contact: Howard Snaith