Tanker Management and Self Assessment, Second Edition (TMSA 2)

This new edition of Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) programme developed by the TMSA working group, has improved the programme and updated the guidance contained therein. It builds on the experiences and feedback from members of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), vessel operators and other industry organisations including INTERTANKO which submitted collective, constructive comments from its Vetting Committee, Environmental Committee and Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC). This update ensures consistency with the  current international conventions and industry practices.


One of the primary changes is in expanding the scope of TMSA in order to encourage all tank vessel operators, including those operating small coastal vessels and barges, to fully utilise the programme. The first version of the programme was perceived by some to create gaps when applied to such operators.


Other improvements of note include re-arranging a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into a more logical sequence and improving the clarity and definition of some text – particularly in the guidance as to how the programme should be utilised and monitored.


The published version will be complemented by a new and much improved on-line OCIMF web-based database that will provide ship operators with an easy-to-use tool for recording their internal assessment results and for selecting recipients for their TMSA data. The OCIMF Secretariat will continue to provide hosting and technical management for this database but it is important to remember that in the TMSA programme, unlike SIRE where reports are sold to subscribers, control over the release of the recorded results remains in the hands of the ship operator who is responsible for updating his own results as he progresses through the programme stages.


The new publication will be available from 23 June 2008 (£50 per copy) from OCIMF’s usual supplier "WitherbySeamanship International" - contact details can be found on its web site www.witherbyseamanship.com


The database will be made accessible to Operators on 19 June to allow time for the assessments to be created in the new format. The commencement of full operation of TMSA 2 will begin on 1 July 2008. On this date the existing TMSA database will no longer accept submissions, but will remain open for 3 months to allow operators to access their existing data and send to recipients if required.


The web site payment system will not be available until the 1 July at the earliest, so pre-population of TMSA 2 is free of charge.


To access the full OCIMF public letter introducing TMSA 2 click here  



INTERTANKO Events with TMSA Presentations:


Members are advised that there are currently two INTERTANKO events where members will be able to listen to TMSA 2 presentations as follows


  • Singapore: 30 June 2008. Presentation by Chevron. Members wishing to attend please contact  Tim Wilkins 
  • Houston Texas US.: 14 October 2008. Presentation by OCIMF to INTERTANKO’s North American Panel.  Members wishing to attend please contact Joe Angelo

INTERTANKO TMSA benchmarking Database:


We will ensure that, in parallel to the launch of TMSA 2, INTERTANKO will produce a TMSA 2  benchmarking database in a similar manner to the current TMSA benchmarking database (click here to view). Members will be advised as soon as the INTERTANKO TMSA 2 benchmarking database is available.


Contact: Howard Snaith