Vetting Committee elects new Chairman

The Vetting Committee held its 27th meeting this week in Singapore. The Committee dealt with a number of issues, including but not limited to those related to Tanker Management & Self Assessment (TMSA), terminal vetting, port state control (PSC) and a number of relevant publications. The agenda to this meeting can be downloaded here 

In the course of the meeting Lars Mossberg stood down as Chairman of the Vetting Committee - a position he has held since 1998. The committee secretary and Marine Director Capt Howard Snaith presented Mossberg with an engraved INTERTANKO shield and engraved silver salver as a token of the Committee's appreciation of his hard work and dedication over the years, and of his fruitful and positive time as Chairman.  

Messages of thanks and support were also conveyed, one being from INTERTANKO Chairman Stephen Van Dyck in which he said, "We express the appreciation of the whole membership for your outstanding contributions. Your commitment of time, insight, persistence, and detailed knowledge as well as your unswerving determination to help keep an appropriate balance between charters and owners has been meritorious….There is no better example of how much we can accomplish working together than your leadership of the Vetting Committee".

Managing Director Dr Peter Swift also sent a message saying, "Your leadership in bringing the important issues to the fore and in pursuing rational procedures for the many inspection and vetting programmes, coupled with the necessary balance between forceful and diplomatic argument, has been much appreciated". The presentations and thanks were concluded with standing applause from the Vetting Committee. 

Bob Bishop, CEO of V. Ships and previously Vice-Chairman of the Committee, was unanimously elected as the new Vetting Committee Chairman as were two Vice-Chairmen, Alan Johnson of Tsakos Shipping & Trading, and Michael Wilson of Laurin Maritime (America) Inc. The Committee and Secretariat offered their full support to all three and look forward to their leadership of the Committee.  

The minutes of the meeting will be issued shortly. 

Contact: Howard Snaith