Chemical Tanker Sub-Committee Americas

Main aims:

The aim of the CTSCA is to further the interests of independent chemical tanker owners trading in the North and South America region by being closely involved in the following areas:

  • Technical and operational issues affecting all chemical tankers trading in the region Local, national and international regulatory development.
  • Pollution prevention and response issues.
  • Improvement of safety standards on board chemical tankers trading in the region.
  • Security issues specific to chemical tankers trading in the region.
  • The work of the Chemical Tanker Sub-committee (Americas) (CTSCA) continues to enhance the effectiveness of the Chemical Tanker Committee, bringing about effective representation for INTERTANKO’s chemical tanker operator members trading to the Americas and particularly to the U.S.

The CTSCA is a Subcommittee of the Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC), for members operating chemical tankers, and associate members with a relevant chemical interest applicable to the work of the sub-committee. In the interest of efficiency the group will be restricted to about 20 members. 

CTSCA will review its membership based upon the active participation of the individual members and attendance at committee meetings approximately every two years. Applications from new candidates for nomination to the committee will be reviewed at this time.

The following are currently* members of the CTSCA:

1.         Capt. Norman O’Shaughnessy(Chairman), Stolt-Nielsen USA Inc.

2.         Capt. Jeff Kindle, Nordic Tankers

3.         Capt. George Pontikos, Odfjell USA Inc.

4.         Mr. Ken Berger,  Navig8 Chemicals

5.         Capt. Hatano Masakuzo, Iino Singapore Pte. Ltd

6.         Mr. Robert Gonzalez, Laurin Maritime (America) Inc.

7.         Capt Amarjit Singh, Aurora Tankers USA Inc

8.         Mr. Helal Jafri, Anglo-Eastern (Houston) LLC

9.         Capt. Alex Vardoulakis, Caribe Tankers

10.      Mr. Clifford Frye, Milestone Chemical Tankers

11.      Mr. James Prazak, Tricon Energy

12.      Ms. Fiona Nicholl, Lyondell Basell

13.      Mr. Lance Nunez, DOW Chemical

14.      Capt. Anuj Chopra, Rightship

15.      Capt. Soren C. Ibsen,

16.      Mr. Diego Jaramillo, Waterfront Shipping

17.      Mr. Roy Bleiberg, ABS Marine Services, Inc.

18.      Mr. Jeffery Everett, Lloyds Register North America, Inc.

19.      Mr. Sergio Garcia, Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc.

20.      Mr. Chris Mantooth, Chevron International Oil Company

21.       Capt. Stephen Boudreaux, Shell Chemicals

* As of 01 Apr 2017

The secretary to the Sub-Committee: Patrick Keffler

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