BMP4 and Piracy: the Menace at Sea DVD - get your free copies now!

Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy Version 4 (BMP4) has replaced the successful BMP3 booklet. BMP4 is now available for delivery and INTERTANKO Members are entitled to free copies for their own use and distribution. As BMP4 provides guidance and advice to ship operators and seafarers, it is essential that its distribution is focused on getting copies to shipping companies and onboard their ships.


In conjunction with BMP4, a DVD has been produced called Piracy: the Menace at Sea, again available free to INTERTANKO Members. Produced by Steamship Mutual, the DVD also boasts subtitles in Chinese, Tagalog, and Russian. BBC journalist Ed Stourton narrates the 40-minute documentary, which promotes the importance of BMP and was made with the assistance and support of both the industry and the military.


BMP4 formats

Electronic – BMP4 has been released in both low-resolution and high-resolution PDF format – for ease and speed of download from websites and for attaching to e-mails.


It is also available as an e-book from the publishers (click here).


Booklet – 50,000 copies of BMP4 have been printed in soft-back booklet format (size A5). The costs of publication and distribution have been met by the sponsoring industry organisations, including INTERTANKO and Intercargo.


Translations – The booklet will be translated into Mandarin and Tagalog.


How to get yours


The A5 booklet BMP4 can be obtained by contacting Alison Hunter Gordon at Witherby Publishing Group; be sure to copy Ian Shields.


When requesting booklets, you should include the following information:

·         The number of copies required.

·         A contact name and shipping address for delivery.

·         Intended target audience.


Please note that unlike BMP3, where a box consisted of 144 copies, BMP4 is being supplied in boxes of either 79 copies or 129 copies due to the size of the book being 20% larger. It is therefore preferable to order the number of copies required, or to specify box size.



Copies of the DVD are free and, providing you order your copies of the DVD to be delivered with BMP4, then you will not be charged for shipping. Should you solely request DVDs from Witherby, however, then you will be subject to a charge for shipping costs.


Contact: Phil Blanshard