Below you will be able to view some of the most recent presentations given by INTERTANKO staff or invited speakers at meetings and conferences around the world.

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HMP-7-Anne Liversedge, Documentary Committee Update.pdf 1317.4kb HMP Athens - Documentary Committee Overview 11.10.2018 Anne Liversedge, Associate General Counsel, TEEKAY HMP Athens
HMP-8-Vassileios Stavropoulos, Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra.pdf 4880.9kb HMP Athens - Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra 11.10.2018 Vassileios Stavropoulos, Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra HMP Athens
HMP-9-Andrew Wilson-Barry Rogliano Salles.pdf 2160.9kb HMP Athens - Oil and Tanker Market Outlook 11.10.2018 Andrew Wilson, Barry Rogliano Salles HMP Athens
HMP-6-Bill Stamatopoulos The Houston Problem.pdf 1954.7kb HMP Athens - Verifuel - Understanding Marine Fuel 11.10.2018 Bill Stamatopoulos HMP Athens
HMP-3.2-Maria Sotiriou,New Zealand Biofouling, Maria Sotiriou.pdf 471.9kb HMP Athens - Issues & Challenges of New Zealand Biofouling Management Regulation 11.10.2018 Maria Sotiriou Head of Environmental Compliance, Minerva BWM Forum, HMP Athens
HMP-4-Capt. Pantelis Patsoulis, Nautical Sub Committee Update INTERTANKO Hellenic Meditarranian Panel.pdf 1934kb HMP Athens - NSC update 11.10.2018 Capt. Pantelis Patsoulis HMP Athens
HMP-5-Capt. Dionysios Siganakis Bunker Sub-Committee.pdf 2024.5kb HMP Athens - BSC Update 11.10.2018 Capt. Dionysios Siganakis, Bunker Sub-Committee BWM Forum, HMP Athens
BWM-7-Konstantinos Stampedakis,INTERTANKO, BWM FORUM_SNF_11.10.2018_KS-00_FINAL.pdf 1906.3kb BWM Forum - BWTS Operation Experience 11.10.2018 Konstantinos Stampedakis, ERMA FIRST S.A. BWM Forum, HMP Athens
BWM-6-Tore Andersen-Optimarin.pdf 296.9kb BWM Forum - Ballast Water System in operation 11.10.2018 Tore Andersen, Optimarin BWM Forum, HMP Athens
HMP-1-Joe Angelo, INTERTANKO Update.pdf 2094.9kb HMP Athens - INTERTANKO update 11.10.2018 Joe Angelo, INTERTANKO Director, Regulatory Affairs and the Americas HMP Athens