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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Below you will be able to view some of the most recent presentations given by INTERTANKO staff or invited speakers at meetings and conferences around the world.

We would like to encourage our Members and Associate Members to contact us should you wish to use some of the background material for your own presentations. Please e-mail any enquiry or comment you may have to







Environment updates ARP 25_4_18.pdf 784.3kb Update on Environment Issues 25.04.2018 Tim Wilkins, Environmental Director - INTERTANKO Asian Regional Panel Meeting
Gas Tanker Update ARP.pdf 986.5kb INTERTANKO GAS SERVICE 25.04.2018 Dr Phillip Belcher, Marine Director - INTERTANKO Asian Regional Panel Meeting
Intertanko-JG-at-IMPA-AGM-2018-Dakar.pdf 1344.7kb INTERTANKO Round-up 24.04.2018 Johan Gahnstrom, Senior Manager, Marine, INTERTANKO IMPA AGM, Dakar, Senegal
MIQC-2020SOxIntertanko.pdf 356.1kb 2020 Sulphur Cap Challenges for Shipowners 18.04.2018 Kathi Stanzel, Managing director - INTERTANKO Marshall Islands Quality Council
INTERTANKO USCG Presentation 04.18.2018.pdf 3890.7kb INTERTANKO USCG Regulatory Update Presentation 18.04.2018 Pat Keffler Houston
INTERTANKO - USCG.PDF 402kb INTERTANKO CTSC - USCG Presentation 18.04.2018 USCG Houston
INTERTANKO CTAC Presentation 04.18.2018.pdf 3000.2kb INTERTANKO Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee Presentation 18.04.2018 Pat Keffler Houston
Control-Risks-Maritime-briefing-new-format.pdf 1313.1kb THE CYBER RISK - PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS FROM AN INVISIBLE ATTACK 22.03.2018 Ben Wootliff, Head of Cyber Security, Asia, ReCAAP Governing Council, Singapore
USCG-ReCAAP-Cyber-Presentation-MAR-2018.pdf 1678.7kb Cyber in the Marine Transportation 22.03.2018 LCDR Robert D. Cole, Jr. - USCG ReCAAP Governing Council, Singapore
NAP318OCIMFmeg.pdf 2615.8kb OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines 12.03.2018 Joe Megeed, OCIMF INTERTANKO North American Panel Meeting, Stamford CT