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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Contaminated Fuels – An INTERTANKO Critical Review

Last week we issued a message to our Members containing a Critical Review by INTERTANKO of the challenging experiences through contaminated fuels that a large number of ships, including many tankers, have encountered over some five months.

Members have challenged us to go public and expose the facts as they stand. We have accepted this challenge but we also need factual evidence. We have received a great number of complaints but very few actual reports and facts. We have therefore decided to:

  1. Distribute the Critical Review to all Members in our Weekly News (Click here to download the Critical Review document).  
  2. Release the Critical Review together with a press release.
  3. In order to successfully follow up and continue a public debate on this matter, which may also include information provided to IMO, we strongly ask Members to report to us their experiences, at least on the following:


This is the minimum information INTERTANKO requires in order to contemplate action that might have a chance of attracting sufficient attention and oblige governments to take notice. If we receive further details regarding the events and pictures to illustrate and build a case, it might be possible to consider drafting a good submission to IMO/Maritime Safety Committee, possibly together with Round Table and other ship owners association.

We are currently revising the INTERTANKO Confidential Bunkering Report and this will be made available to Members in due course.

Members are advised that ALL reporting forms submitted to INTERTANKO will be treated in the strictest confidence.

It is important to note that any document we may issue and any follow-up actions we may take can only be based on Members' contributions, including verification of the data provided. In any case, permission to publish the final product, be it a press release or a document, will always be sought from the individual Member who reported to us before it is released publicly.

Finally, and in order to encourage Members to report, please note that, based on a few reports already received, we have engaged in initial discussions with the United States Coast Guard and more recently with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, checking the status of their standing on contaminated fuels delivered to ships in their country, and, whether they are contemplating any action to investigate such deliveries.

Please send your reports to: Gil-Yong Han ( and Dragos Rauta (

Contact: Gilyong Han or Dragos Rauta