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Monday, October 22, 2018

Paris and Tokyo MoUs will conduct joint Campaign on fire safety systems

Ships entering Paris and Tokyo MoU Port State Control Zones this autumn will face Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CICs) on their fire safety systems.


The Paris and Tokyo MoUs have issued a press release stating that:

“The 43 Maritime Authorities of the Paris and the Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on Port State Control will launch a joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) with the purpose to ensure compliance with SOLAS Chapter II-2/ Construction – fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction arrangements on board ships. This inspection campaign will be held for three months, commencing from 1 September 2012 and ending on 30 November 2012.”


The CICs will mean that during a regular Port State Control inspection conducted under the regional ship selection criteria within the Paris and Tokyo MoU regions, the fire safety arrangements, maintenance records and other applicable documentation will be verified in more detail for compliance with SOLAS Chapter II-2.


Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) will use a list of 12 selected items to verify critical areas for the shipboard fire safety systems, some of which are related to documentation, equipment and crew familiarisation.


For this campaign PSCOs will apply a questionnaire listing a number of items to be covered during the concentrated inspection. Other MoUs may also carry out a CIC on the same topic during this period.


The questionnaire for the CIC can be accessed here.


Contact: Ajay Gour