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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Tankers, Big Oil & pollution liability

Tormod Rafgård, the first Managing Director of INTERTANKO (and in that post for 25 years) and a lawyer who has also served as a judge in the Norwegian Appeals Court, has witnessed the unwieldy and cumbersome development of the increasingly complex environmental liability structure.


He has now written a book which explores the situation where, in the event of a shipping accident, governmental agencies, oil companies, environmental protection groups, classification societies, P&I clubs, coastal states – in fact most of the shipping industry – all scramble to pin the blame on one party.


Rafgård asks his readers whether this is an appropriate way of dealing with an important aspect of essential maritime activity, and whether it is to the benefit of safety at sea to assign blame to one party while exonerating all other parties involved when an accident occurs.


He refers to US Senator George Mitchell who, in 1992, stressed that all parties involved in an accident should be held accountable for their actions, as accountability creates a deterrent to negligent, damaging behaviour.


The book, called “Tankers, Big Oil & pollution liability”, has been described as a unique compilation of the history of the tanker industry with case studies and anecdotes prepared by a man who had a ringside seat for more than 25 years.


You can access this book via INTERTANKO’s Bookshop, or for more information click here.


Contact: Bill Box