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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tankers fare well in preliminary Paris and Tokyo MoU CIC results

The Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU have released the preliminary results of the concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on structural safety and the International Convention on Load Lines, which was carried out between September and November 2011. Of the ships inspected by the Paris MoU, 10% were chemical tankers and 7% were oil tankers, and we are delighted to say that there was no mention of tankers failing inspections.


The results of this campaign will be analysed further and findings will be presented to the Paris and Tokyo MoU port state control committees at their next meeting, which is due to take place in May this year. These results will then be presented to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Member authorities of the Paris MoU carried out 4,386 inspections on 4,250 individual ships which resulted in a total of 1,589 CIC-related deficiencies and 42 ships being detained. Tokyo MoU’s 18 member authorities, on the other hand, carried out a total of 7,534 PSC inspections which included 5,901 CIC inspections. During the campaign, 2,929 CIC-topic related deficiencies were found with 83 ships out of a total of 346 detentions being detained for CIC-related deficiencies.


The press release from Paris MoU containing their preliminary results can be accessed here.


The press release from Tokyo MoU containing their preliminary results can be accessed here.


Contact: Ajay Gour or Adele Garnett