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Monday, October 22, 2018

Work in progress to simplify ‘Ship Operator Crew Matrix’ CDI/SIRE database

Following a number of requests, work is now in progress to provide a simpler solution for ship operators to update the “Ship Operator Crew Matrix” on both the CDI and SIRE databases.

The new process
At the time of a CDI inspection, the CDI inspector will continue to record the crew matrix information in exactly the same style and format as contained in the existing CDI Ship Inspection Report, (SIR) 7th Edition, dated 1 July 2011. This crew matrix information will remain fixed as per the inspection date and shall continue to be fixed as it is an integral part of the active SIR. However, it will not be copied into the online CDI Ship Operators’ crew matrix.

The online CDI Ship Operators’ crew matrix is being modified so it is completely harmonised with the SIRE (OCIMF) crew matrix style and format. An export and import functionality will also be added to the CDI ISIS-XI system, which will only be available to the ship operator.

A button will be included to enable ship operators to export the complete harmonised matrix into a common XML format and save it to disc or PC. The SIRE database will offer the same functionality to import the XML export file into their database.

This process will work both ways – a harmonised Ship Operator crew matrix will be able to be exported in XML format from the OCIMF system and imported into the CDI ISIS-XI system, enabling the ship operator to maintain his crew matrix on both systems with ease.

The new system will go live on 14 September 2012.

Contact: Ajay Gour