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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Lloyd's List, 21.09.07 - Switch to distillate fuel ‘could cost up to $67bn’

Lloyd's List, 21.09.07 – Some straight talking about strait safety

Lloyd's List, 25.09.07 – Case over criminal sanctions for ship source pollution starts today

Lloyd's List, 25.09.07 – Oil giant backed by industry in historic Exxon Valdez case

Bloomberg News, 25.09.07 - EU Law on Shipping Pollution Challenged at Top Court

Lloyd's List, 26.09.07 – Headline horrors hide progress

Lloyd's List, 27.09.07 – Global shipping and green priorities come together       

TradeWinds, 28.09.07 – Lobbying hard

TradeWinds, 28.09.07 – Intertanko talks up status of court case in Luxembourg