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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

INTERTANKO reflects on busy year, prepares work programme for 1997

INTERTANKO in 1997 INTERTANKO plans to build on its achievements of the past year, and to become even more proactive in its efforts to represent the tanker industry vigorously at the international, regional, national and local level and to improve the public image of tanker shipping. Greater attention will also be devoted to developing relationships with other organisations, working together whenever possible to mutual benefit and to pressing for a more equitable sharing of responsibilities and liabilities amongst all parties involved in the tanker transport chain.

Some of the initiatives INTERTANKO has planned for 1997 are as follows :

Athens and London Tanker events The Association launched its series of new international biannual Tanker Events for the tanker industry with the successful Houston Tanker Events for the tanker industry with the successful Houston tanker Event this past October. The next two meetings are to be held in Athens in May 1997 and in London in October 1997. As part of the new series’ full package, the Athens and London events will feature workshops and seminars as well as full-scale conference sessions, not to mention an industry exhibition and a packed calendar of social events.

Commitment to Associate Members at the end of 1996 it was decided to improve the Association’s commitment to the large and growing number of Associate members and to utilise the expertise and commitment of this membership in carrying out INTERTANKO’s ongoing work programme. To launch the drive to provide a full service portfolio to Associate Members, an Associate Member News newsletter has been introduced and Open Forums for associate members will be held at all Tanker Events. The first such meeting was held at the Houston Tanker Event in October and attracted a wide cross section of associate Members. Discussions helped formulate agendas for the Open Forums to be held at the Athens and London Tanker events in 1997 and highlighted ways in which the entire membership can derive benefit from increased participation by Associate members.

SBT charges in ports The association has lobbied strongly in recent years for full implementation of IMO Resolution A.747 (18) covering exemptions from port tonnage costs for segregated ballast tank (SBT) spaces on tankers. Good progress has been made with implementation of the Resolution in European ports and in 1997 emphasis will be placed on gaining similar recognition in ports in the US and other parts of the world.

Tanker inspection procedures INTERTANKO will also be taking forward a number of ongoing initiatives into 1997. The association strongly supports the introduction of the amended SIRE oil tanker inspection programme, scheduled for early 1997, with its standardised inspection checklist to be utilised by all charterers. INTERTANKO will continue to monitor developments with the CDI ship inspection programme for chemical and gas tankers and investigate ways in which the SIRE and CDI programme committees can benefit from the work of the other.

INTERTANKO’s involvement in legislative and regulatory issues INTERTANKO will continue its proactive approach to issues arising on the US legislative and regulatory scenes. The Association’s focus on matters relating to legislative developments in Europe and other important trading areas such as the Far East will be further strengthened.

Revision of the chemical tanker regulation INTERTANKO’s Chemical Tanker Owners Advisory Group (CTOAG) is also closely involved with the current IMO review of the principal regulations governing the sea transport of chemicals and whether or not there is a need for a major revision of these rules. The Association believes that the rules should be amended to accommodate the considerable technological advancement that has taken place since they were introduced. However, in recognition of the inherent differences in the oil and chemical tanker trades, Annexes I and II of the 1973778 Marine Pollution (MARPOL) convention should be retained as separate and distinct instruments.

INTERTANKO has an active membership and a hard- working secretariat, both of which are fully committed to the Association’s goals of safe ships, clean seas and free competition. By working as a co-ordinated and harmonised team we have made considerable headway over the past 12 months, stated Dagfinn Lunde, Managing director of INTERTANKO. "Its is by sticking resolutely to this approach that we stand the best chance of succeeding in facing up to the considerable challenges that still lie ahead of us."