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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


INTERTANKO today announced that Mr. Dagfinn Lunde, the Association’s Managing Director, is to leave the organisation on 15 September 2000, as he has decided to resume his career within international banking.

Dagfinn Lunde has done an excellent job during his five-year tenure as INTERTANKO’s Managing Director starting with a major reorganisation where senior INTERTANKO managers were tasked with the responsibility for looking after the needs of members in particular geographical areas. This system coupled with the establishment of the so-called regional member panels enabled a tremendous increase in interaction between the organisation and its membership. Dagfinn Lunde also put a new management structure in place in which the experts within the management group had clearly defined areas of responsibility in a framework of working committees providing membership guidance and support on issues of particular importance or principle.

INTERTANKO’s Chairman, Mr. Westye Høegh said “We now have a strong management team actively pursuing a range of issues of importance to our membership.  The management team is well supported by a committee structure in which our members play a very active role.”

Mr. Høegh continued “the introduction of modern management principles which enabled the streamlining of the organisation giving members greater return for their membership fees was but one of Dagfinn’s achievements. He also enhanced INTERTANKO’s position as an industry spokesman with proactive initiatives and a higher profile on a number of issues concerning tanker owners. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of members and associate members and earned INTERTANKO greater credibility within the shipping industry as a partner in important discussions with government agencies and international organisations. “

Mr Høegh said  “I greatly regret that Dagfinn Lunde has chosen to leave INTERTANKO, but we must look forward to building an even stronger INTERTANKO on the firm foundations so ably laid down by Dagfinn Lunde during his tenure. I would like to congratulate Dagfinn on his new position and wish him every success for the future.”

INTERTANKO’s Sr. Vice President & General Counsel, Mr. Svein Ringbakken who currently heads INTERTANKO’s United States representation has been chosen to lead the organisation until a new Managing Director has been appointed.

A lawyer by training, Mr. Ringbakken has been with INTERTANKO for nine years and during this time has actively been involved in a wide range of industry issues.   His current area of responsibility includes governmental relations with a particular emphasis on the United States, the Association’s legal, documentary and insurance activities.  Within the above areas he has also represented INTERTANKO in the IMO, EU and the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund. He has in addition to this had the primary responsibility for activities in the Americas region.

Mr. Høegh commented “I am confident that Mr. Ringbakken, together with the senior management team at INTERTANKO will maintain the momentum and focus of INTERTANKO’s activities for the tanker owners until the permanent appointment of a new Managing Director”.

Dagfinn Lunde said,  “I have greatly enjoyed my time with INTERTANKO and it has been with some difficulty and not a little reluctance that I decided to accept a new position within international banking  - I have relished the opportunity to capitalize on the talents of the INTERTANKO staff and to develop a strong, effective and modern organisation that we see today.  I have tried to increase INTERTANKO’s profile so that decisions affecting the independent tanker owners were not taken without the industry having had the chance to give its input.  I shall miss the daily stimulating work with all the support INTERTANKO is fortunate to have from its members and relations all over the world”.

For further information, please contact: 

Westye Høegh
Telephone: +47 22 86 97 00

Dagfinn Lunde
Telephone: +47 22 12 26 50
Mobile:  +47 92 49 61 17

INTERTANKO is the international association of independent tanker owners, representing over 70% of the world’s independent tanker tonnage afloat in the world today.  As a worldwide not-for-profit organization, INTERTANKO represents 265 member tanker-owners from 45 countries. In addition INTERTANKO represents 300 associate members from various sectors of the maritime industry. INTERTANKO is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and maintains representative offices in London, Singapore and Washington DC.

INTERTANKO is committed to working for safe transport, cleaner seas and free competition.  To effect these goals, INTERTANKO works with private shipping companies, other international associations and state, federal and international regulatory and law-making authorities to improve marine safety and environmental protection through technically sound, cost-effective regulations and policies.