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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Report from INTERTANKO's Council Meeting in Sydney - 25 April 2001


The INTERTANKO Council endorsed principle of transparency and approved the following definition:

Information on transfers, changes, suspensions, and withdrawals of class, including information on all overdue surveys, overdue recommendations, overdue conditions of class, operating conditions or operating restrictions issued against the vessel.

The definition above means that INTERTANKO’s members agree that Class should make available the following information from the normal operations on their ships:

  • Overdue Class Surveys
  • Overdue Statutory Surveys and expired Statutory Certificates
  • Overdue Condition of Class (Overdue Recommendations)
  • Suspension of Class
  • Withdrawal of Class

The above information should be made available to interested parties, such as PSC, Flag States and charterers.

INTERTANKO also agreed that, in addition to the information that class should provide on a regular basis, members will be encouraged to release a number of data in case of a major incident/accident on one of their ships. Such a list should be as follows but not limited to:

Information to be released by Owners after a major incident:

  • relevant initial design information
  • any significant design modifications (which, when and where/by which yard)
  • Flag, Class, Authority issuing DOC and SMC Certificate
  • details of the voyage when incident occurred
  • historical record of the last 12(24) months PSC inspections
  • table with:
    • all previous names
    • all owners/managers and the time for each of these periods
    • all flags and time period
    • all class societies and time period
    • all significant casualties (what, when, where)
    • all significant repairs (what, when, where/by which yard)

INTERTANKO Statement on Piracy

INTERTANKO’s Council approved the following statement on piracy:

  1. To prevent acts of piracy against ships, governments are encouraged to establish regional co-ordinated patrols and similar counter-measures aimed at maintaining adequate levels of security within coastal and international waters.  Joint operation is a good answer, more so if it is helped by elements of leads (informer’s tip), surprise and border crossing.
  2. To prevent armed robberies against ships within harbour areas, governments and port authorities are encouraged to maintain a level of security within the ports that is capable of preventing unauthorised persons from gaining access to merchant ships. In practice, such programmes benefit ports by also reducing stowaway boarding and by inhibiting the smuggling of illicit drugs.
  3. To encourage ship Masters to report all incidents of piracy and armed robberies against ships, port authorities should give assurances that vessels making such reports will not be unduly delayed from sailing on schedule, and that the vessels will not be burdened with additional costs related to such reporting.
  4. When the frequency of incidents involving piracy and armed robberies against ships within a particular area illustrates a need for enhanced security measures, reviews of existing security arrangements should be undertaken with a view to implementing feasible steps to correct the situation.
  5. Some of the Flags of Convenience, through administrative laxity, passively add to the incidence of piracy by not reacting when pirates fraudulently fly their flags, leaving marine incidents to be dealt with by coastal and port states.  Furthermore, some flag authorities may not be sufficiently assiduous when issuing temporary certificates. Perhaps these registries themselves ought to be registered or audited.
  6. Each government should establish a legal framework within its country’s legislation to facilitate and enhance effective and transparent prosecution of any alleged criminals that are caught.

Lars Carlsson – new INTERTANKO Chairman

INTERTANKO’s Council has elected Mr Lars Carlsson as the new INTERTANKO Chairman to succeed Westye Hoegh who has held the position for the last two years.  Lars Carlsson is President of Concordia Maritime AG.

Mr Svein Erik Amundsen, Managing Director, Bergesen d.y. ASA and Captain Peter Raes, Director, Euronav Ltd were elected as new members of INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee.

Westye Hoegh – Honorary Member of INTEERTANKO

The AGM elected Westye Hoegh was elected as Honorary Member.  INTERTANKO are indebted to Westye Hoegh for his sure and incisive chairmanship at a time of important developments within the industry.

New INTERTANKO Committee Chairman and members

Dott. Paolo d’Amico, d’Amico Soc. Di Navagazione S.p.A. has been elected as Chairman of INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee.

Mr Mr. Valdemar Ehlers, A/S Dampskibsselskabet Torm and Capt. Hirotoshi Tateyama, Mitsui O.S.K Lines Bulk Shipping (Eur.) Ltd have been elected as members of INTERTANKO’s Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC).


The INTERTANKO Council approved the applications of 6 tanker owing companies as members subject to a review of compliance with membership criteria. The new members have registered an overall fleet of 20 tankers aggregating 903,888 tons deadweight with INTERTANKO.

  • Marine Management Services
  • Norse Management (UK) Ltd.
  • Paradise Navigation SA
  • Rigel Shipping Canada Inc.,
  • Sea Oil Shipping Ltd.
  • Tschudi and Eitzen Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte Ltd

The INTERTANKO Council approved the applications for 18 companies as Associate members: 

  • BHP Transport & Logistics Pty. Ltd., Australia
  • Castalia Partners (Bahamas) Limited
  • Cosco Dalian Ocean Shipping Co., China.
  • Dietze & Associates LLC, U.S.A.
  • Dudley & Asociados, Panama
  • Genel Denizcilik Nakliyati A.S., Turkey
  • Hamworthy KSE Svanehoj A/S, Denmark
  • IDESS Maritime Centre (Subic) Inc., Philippines
  • International Marine Transportation Ltd., U.K.
  • Jorgen Jahre Shipping/Bulls Tankrederi, Norway
  • Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry, U.S.A.
  • Leif Hoegh and Co ASA
  • Rajah & Tann, Singapore
  • Riley-Sherman Shipping Agency, Inc., U.S.A.
  • Russian Maritime Pilots Association, Russia
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, U.K.
  • Stephenson Harwood, U.K.
  • Telemarine Ltd., U.K.

The total membership now stands at 2,058 tankers with a total tonnage of 165 million dwt or 92 mil GT. Ownership of this diverse is spread in 250 owners in 45 countries worldwide.  INTERTANKO has 300 associate members.

INTERTANKO 2000 Annual Report and Review

INTERTANKO’s 2000 Annual Report and Review has been adopted by the AGM at the Sydney Tanker Event.   The theme for the report is ‘A Century of Tankers’ – from sailing ships to double hulls – tankers past, present and future.