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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The senior principals of the four international shipping associations comprising the Inter-Industry Round Table Group met recently to review common issues and concerns in the shipping industries they represent. Following the meeting, the Round Table Group issued a statement covering topics such as Shipbuilding Capacity, Flag States, Classification Societies and IACS, Transparency, Future Direction of the Industry and Inter-Industry Association Cooperation

Shipbuilding Capacity

Members of the Round Table Group are concerned that the development of additional shipbuilding capacity should not result in an excess of global building capacity against likely future demand.  Noting the successful efforts taken to achieve a balanced programme for the phase-out of single hull tankers, and the already substantial order book for new tonnage in several sectors, the Group are particularly concerned that the introduction of additional shipyard capacity (new yards as well as increased capacity in existing shipyards) could lead to an unjustified increase in newbuildings and in turn to detrimental long term effects on freight and shipbuilding markets. They urge a rational approach to any planned new or expansion in shipbuilding facilities in order to avoid creating an excessive supply surplus in shipyard capacity. In support of this approach, the Group also recognises the need for accurate and reliable information on shipbuilding capacity worldwide and strongly encourages the establishment and dissemination of this information.

Flag States

The Round Table Group deplore the failure of certain flag states to adopt and implement international legislation and to meet their obligations as responsible parties in the international shipping business.  They urge Classification Societies, Port State Authorities and others assessing the performance of industry players to target those flag state authorities which fail to live up to international standards and to honour their obligations under international law.

Classification Societies and IACS

The Round Table members applaud efforts within IACS to achieve reforms within the class system and its processes.  However they encourage IACS and the individual societies to recognise their partnership role with the shipping industry and urge them to consult more fully with owners before the introduction of any new initiatives, rules or regulations.


The four Associations confirmed their commitment to support increased transparency within, and between, all elements of the shipping industry. Concurrently they stressed the need for responsible interpretation and use by all those benefiting from improved access to hitherto restricted or limited distribution information.

Direction Paper

The Group has initiated a process of defining the future direction for the industry, for which Intercargo has produced a Direction Paper which can be located on their website:

The Associations have confirmed a shared vision in their desire to achieve the common objective of improving the efficiency and quality of the industry. It was agreed that the Secretariats would finalise the structure of this Direction Paper for the next Round Table Meeting at the beginning of 2001.

Inter-Industry Association Cooperation

The Round Table members have re-affirmed their commitment to continuing the process of increased co-operation among their Associations on common areas of their respective work programmes. Examples of such subjects currently include:

  • Joint Industry Association / IACS Council discussions on developments in classification and programmes for change
  • Activities supporting the development of Industry Guidelines and a Code of Practice for Ship Recycling
  • Continuing engagement and support for recent initiatives to develop guidelines and implementation plans for “places of refuge”
  • Programmes for co-ordinated international action against piracy attacks, including the naming of those countries that harbour these criminals and the organisations they represent.


The four Associations which comprise the Round TableGroup are:

The Baltic and International Maritime Committee (BIMCO)
President: Michael Everard
Secretary General: Finn Frandsen

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
President: Rolf Westfal-Larsen
Secretary General: Chris Horrocks

The International Association of Dry Cargo Ship Owners (INTERCARGO)
Chairman: Frederick Tsao
Managing Director: Roger Holt

The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO)
Chairman: Lars Carlsson
Managing Director: Peter Swift

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