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Monday, October 22, 2018

Year 2002




Year 2002 - Overview

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INTERTANKO supports Malta and the Bahamas

INTERTANKO has given its wholehearted support to the interventions of Malta and the Bahamas at the meeting of the International Maritime Organisation in London today, protesting against the recent denial of the right of freedom of navigation for vessels in EEZ waters and advocating adherence to the rule of law and international concerted action.... More


INTERTANKO deeply concerned with Spanish decree

INTERTANKO is deeply concerned with the ill-conceived measures recently announced by the Spanish government in the decree-law.... More


Round Table letter to the President of the European Union

On 12 December 2002, a letter was sent on behalf of the international shipping industry (the ‘Round Table’ of maritime associations, BIMCO, ICS, INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO) to the President of the European Union, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, regarding recent attempts by EU Members States to undermine the global maritime infrastructure.... More


The shipping industry deplores and condemns unilateral action

The Round Table of international shipping industry organisations (BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO) today condemned the continuing contravention of the Law of the Sea Convention by coastal states in the wake of the ‘Prestige’ incident.... More


INTERTANKO expresses concern over deteriorating situation in Venezuela

As the strike in Venezuela enters its second week, INTERTANKO expresses deep concern over safety levels at terminals and waterways in the area.... More


The members of INTERTANKO support Bahamas call

The members of INTERTANKO wholeheartedly support the call of Bahamas for immediate access to the Prestige Captain Mangouras. ... More


INTERTANKO calls for immediate release of the Prestige Captain

INTERTANKO is seriously concerned that the detention of the Master of the tanker M/T Prestige that sank off Spain 19 November is impeding a full, prompt and independent investigation of the incident.... More


INTERTANKO accueille positivement la Résolution du Parlement Européen requérant une importante enquête sur le naufrage du Prestige

- mais exprime sa déception quant aux tentatives de limiter le champ des investigations... More


INTERTANKO welcomes European Parliament Resolution calling for a full investigation of the Prestige incident

- but expresses disappointment with regard to efforts to limit the scope of the investigation... More