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Saturday, November 17, 2018

INTERTANKO supports Malta and the Bahamas

INTERTANKO has given its wholehearted support to the interventions of Malta and the Bahamas at the meeting of the International Maritime Organisation in London today, protesting against the recent denial of the right of freedom of navigation for vessels in EEZ waters and advocating adherence to the rule of law and international concerted action.

In its statement INTERTANKO said:

“ INTERTANKO fully supports and respects the authority of the International Maritime Organisation and the Conventions developed by this body and by the United Nations. INTERTANKO recognises and respects the international maritime and public law and the international framework that regulates shipping and maritime trade on a global basis.

We therefore deplore and condemn the continuing contravention of the Law of the Sea Convention by coastal states following the “Prestige” incident.

We also condemn the many unilateral proposals for new measures that are being advocated by certain European States, thereby denying discussion and debate through the appropriate international channels.

INTERTANKO is also extremely dismayed by the silence of many States on these important subjects which is tantamount to a tacit condoning of these unacceptable actions. ”

A copy of the Maltese intervention can be found on our website.