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Saturday, October 20, 2018

INTERTANKO Terminal Vetting Database enhanced and expanded

After a six month trial period in 2003, INTERTANKO has moved full ahead in its Terminal Vetting Database (TVD). To date, some 4,500 reports have been received for input into the system.

Each report contains a summary of the Master’s assessment  while his vessel was alongside, and is based on a simple rating system with additional comments where required. The easy-to-use report forms can be completed on line.

Pulled together into a database, this shared experience provides first class information on different berths and terminals, around the world, pinpointing problems and potential problems, so that others can learn from it. Its primary function is to achieve safer ship operation, by enhancing safety for those ashore as well as those afloat at the critical moment of the ship/shore interface when the tanker is at its most vulnerable.

The best maintained, managed and operated tanker can find itself ordered to a terminal about which the facts are not quite clear. By using information from those who have been there before, some of the uncertainties of a first-time call can be reduced.

The utility of INTERTANKO’s TVD system is further enhanced by its ability to be used as a source of cooperation between owner and terminal in those instances where unsatisfactory conditions and/or procedures are observed at any terminal.  Experience has already shown instances where individual owners have been able to have such conditions rectified through open and constructive dialogue with terminals. 

In the unhappy situation where an owner’s efforts to discuss and rectify problems directly with the terminal are not successful, the TVD system provides for further contact with any terminal by INTERTANKO itself, through its Vetting Committee.  Progress, or lack thereof  at this level, can readily be reported to the membership through the weekly INTERTANKO Newsletter.

Response from terminals, owners, and harbour safety groups continues to be strongly in favour of this initiative, and support is in fact still building up as the programme is introduced to the worldwide maritime community.

For further information, please contact:  Howard Snaith