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Saturday, November 17, 2018

INTERTANKO launches its revised Questionnaire 88

INTERTANKO’s initiative to formulate and launch an all-embracing vetting questionnnaire back in 1988 was intended to stem the fast-rising tide of oil company questionnaires. 15 years later, with some 6000 Questionnaire 88's a month being downloaded from , the concept of an all-in-one vetting questionnaire is clearly here to stay.

 “This is a step in the right direction for improved transparency in our industry and a product of the development in cooperation between INTERTANKO and,” says Lars Mossberg (Marinvest), Chairman of INTERTANKO’s Vetting Committee.

This initiative to update Questionnaire 88 was set in motion earlier this year by INTERTANKO’s Vetting Committee, but the work has been undertaken by a Working Group under the chairmanship of Captain Ashley Cooper (Scorpio Ship Management S.A.M) with the invaluable assistance of Fritz Heidenreich (Heidenreich Innovations,Inc). 

INTERTANKO has revised Questionnaire 88 to take into account new information and regular questions that have now become current, based partly on legislative changes over the years. INTERTANKO expects to issue further revised editions in the future to ensure that this questionnaire remains up-to-date and continues to be seen as an industry standard.

"Given the changes that have occurred in the tanker industry since the launch of the original Questionnaire 88 in 1988, it was felt that a revision was essential to bring the current version in line with present day chartering requirements,” says Capt Cooper. “Version 2 includes the vast majority of questions that are found in common chartering questionnaires, and is closely aligned with the OCIMF SIRE Vessel Particulars Questionnaire. We hope that it will be well received and will find increased usage across the industry through the vehicle of INTERTANKO/"

"The revised version of the Questionnaire 88 is a culmination of suggestions from charterers, brokers and owners who felt the original questionnaire lacked certain essential information relevant to today’s shipping markets,” adds Fritz Heidenreich. “We are very happy to have contributed to the new version which will make it easier for people in the industry to obtain the information they need to fix tankers quickly and efficiently".

An important aspect within the revision is a question pertaining to CAS, (Condition Assessment Scheme), which asks if the vessel has a statement of compliance issued under the provisions of the Condition Assessment Scheme as relevant to MARPOL. INTERTANKO believes that this will be of immense value to port state control officers and other industry bodies.

Click here to download the revised Questionnaire 88.

For further information, please contact:

Howard Snaith  or Bill Box