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Saturday, October 20, 2018

TOTS from INTERTANKO now e-TOTS from Seagull

Seagull and INTERTANKO are  very pleased to announce there is now an electronic version of TOTS available in the Seagull Training Administrator.


In response to many of Seagull’s customers and INTERTANKO’s members requesting an easier method of adopting INTERTANKO’s Training Officer Training Standards (TOTS) initiative, Seagull and INTERTANKO have negotiated an agreement with INTERTANKO to provide an electronic version of TOTS in Seagull’s Training Administrator - especially for Seagull customers. This will provide a simple tool to administer and monitor and allow more companies to adopt the initiative with minimal extra workload. Seagull is a firm believer that initiatives like TOTS provide the seafarer with improved proficiency and valuable career development opportunities and should be encouraged throughout the industry.


INTERTANKO's Marine Director, Captain Howard Snaith said, "We are very pleased that TOTS has progressed into electronic format, as this will enhance effective monitoring of each officers progression through the TOTS system and reduce the workload for participants.   


This E-TOTS initiative by INTERTANKO has created great interest within the industry and now major companies are requesting TOTS in e-format. We are very pleased that Seagull has been able to assist in this progress and enable e-TOTS functionality.


 We have negotiated a non-exclusive agreement with Seagull enabling them to license the TOTS Record Books and Computer Based Assessments in electronic format within their Competence system and we are confident TOTS will continue as an industry standard, as well as achieving its ultimate objective of increasing the number of competent tanker officers and providing alternative methods of measuring experience, other than "time in rank" and "time in company.


TOTS paper versions and CD-ROMS will continue for those companies preferring that application.


In addition to INTERTANKO’s Training Officer Training Standards (TOTS), the Seagull Training Administrator can also be delivered with other industry competence standards such as the ISF Training Record Books for cadets and the SIGTTO competence standard for officers on gas carriers.


For more information and demonstration, please contact a Seagull Product Advisor at