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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

No. 01/2001




EU Directive on Port Reception Facilities

As of 28 December 2000, the new Directive (2000/59/EC) on port reception facilities for ship-generated and cargo wastes entered into force.... More


The Rigging of FIRE WIRES

It has come to our attention that there are currently two acceptable methods for rigging fire wires. One is contained in the OCIMF Mooring Guidelines and the other is contained in ISGOTT The two methods referred to are basically the same except for the position of the bight in the wire. The Mooring Guidelines recommends that this should be over the side of the vessel The ISGOTT guidelines...... More



2000 – the year of Tankers Year 2000 was the most remarkable year for the tanker industry we have seen since 1973. We attribute the main reasons for the fantastic freight rates to changes in chartering policies among main charterers in a period with tight tanker market balance and low oil stocks. The charterers’ reluctance to employ certain tankers has reduced their flexibility in the market at...... More


SYDNEY ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Time to discuss key industry issues and to make important decisions

The sinking of the Erika in December 1999 has brought forward many issues and proposed changes to international rules and regulations governing the transport of liquid cargoes at sea. It has influenced chartering practices of major oil companies and contributed to improved freight rates for quality tonnage. At the same time it has provided the opportunity for the industry to review its quality...... More


Bosphoros - Reports on problems to traffic in the Straits

The increased number of reports received over the recent months, reconfirms a trend we have seen with regard to impediments put on tanker navigation through the Bosphorous. The situation is continuously deteriorating.... More



Argentine/Bahia Blanca – reduction of toll dues With effect from 01 January 2001 the toll dues for vessels entering/leaving the Bahia Blanca Bay are reduced from USD 0.28/NT to USD 0.26/NT. Source:  Agencia Maritima Silversea S.A., Buenos Aires   Mexico/Dos Bocas – increase of harbour dues The following new rates were implemented as from 17 December 2000: PORT DUES fixed tariff MXP 15,359.24 pl...... More



In an incident situation, the front line handling of telephone calls is a crucial role. The Telephone Response Training Course prepares those who have this responsibility on how to respond, to avoid creating an impression of disorder, and to optimise lines of communication. It is critical that what to say, and what not to say, is clearly identified and tested before an incident situation,...... More



Italy/Venice – Ship inspection prior to arrival Further to similar requirements implemented by Cagliari and Sicily, reported in our Weekly NEWS Nos. 43 and 44/2000, Venice has implemented similar requirements for tankers bound for Porto Marghera with effect from 15 January 2001. 1/ Single hull tankers over 500 GT carrying MARPOL Annex I or II products will no longer be permitted to enter the...... More



Demurrage clauses – escalation provisions Owners may well be out of pocket when their vessels incur substantial delays because demurrage rates have not mirrored the increase in freight rates. Where the likelihood of delays is greater at a particular destination owners may wish to consider including a provision which provides for an escalation in the demurrage rate if the delay exceeds a certain...... More



Additional pilotage charges in the Maracaibo In connection with the different pilotage zones in the Venezuelan territory a clause was implemented in January 1992 to the effect that “vessels larger than 30.000 GT will make an additional payment of VEB 10,000”.  All Port Captaincies, however, applied and interpreted the clause to their particular requirements. The practice was appealed by the...... More