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Sunday, November 18, 2018

No. 48/2002




Prestige incident brings ship safety and environment to the top of the European Union agenda

When MD Peter Swift met Ms. Loyola De Palacio in Brussels this week, he stressed the need to thoroughly investigate the accident before taking new measures and urged rapid progress on the establishment of places of refuge.... More


INTERTANKO witnesses clean-up operations in the wake of the Prestige incident

Dr Paul Kingston of Heriot-Watt University and Tim Wilkins, INTERTANKO Environmental Manger, visited sites between La Coruña and Cape Finisterre to attempt to ascertain the extent of the ecological damage resulting from the Prestige incident.... More


Possibility of oiling of ships at La Coruña

Tankers in or around the area of the Prestige incident and the port of La Coruña need to be vigilant as there are still some slicks south west of the port. ... More


Mare Forum discusses priority issues in the Maritime Transportation of Energy

Held in Houston, 18-19 November 2002, sessions included presentations and debate on the short- and long-term world energy requirements, sources and distribution.... More


Annual Meeting of the Chemical Carriers Association (CCA)

INTERTANKO’s MD Peter Swift and Technical Director Dragos Rauta attended the Annual Meeting of the Chemical Carriers Association (CCA) in Houston on 21-22 November.... More


INTERTANKO represented at IMO MSC 76 next week

Howard Snaith, Gunnar Knudsen, Tim Wilkins and Timothy Gunnar will attend MSC 76 and meetings of the Working Groups on Maritime Security and Bulk Carrier Safety and the Drafting Group on Amendments to mandatory Instruments... More


Short sea tanker meeting in Hamburg on 3 December

Consideration will be given to the European regulatory situation, the possible impact of the Prestige accident, the INTERTANKO Council discussions in Hong Kong and preparations for an INTERTANKO seminar on European short sea tanker trades.... More


The subtle but important distinction between an ECDIS and an ECS

Many think that because they use electronic charts on their ship they have an ECDIS. Nothing could be further from the truth. ECDIS stands for Electronic Charts Display and Information System and ECS stands for Electronic Chart System. ... More


US oil is expected to become increasingly dependent on imports - EIA

The US economy, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP), is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.0% from 2001 to 2025. Total energy demand is projected to increase from 97.3 to 139.1 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) between 2001 and 2002, an average annual increase of 1.5%. The energy intensity of the US economy, measured as energy used per dollar of GDP, is projected to...... More


MARPOL 13G single-hull tanker phase-out - update

INTERTANKO has reviewed the single-hull phase-out information for the tanker fleet as of end October 2002. The main findings are that tankers continue to be sold for demolition before their MARPOL 13G phase-out deadline.... More


Media Awareness Courses in Athens – well attended

Several half-day Media Awareness Courses were held in Athens this week on the importance and realities of media response for tanker owners following an incident.... More



Financial Times, 26 November 2002 - IMO set to agree new shipping guidelines Wall Street Journal, 26 November 2002 - Tanker Saga illustrates how rescues are hurt by cross-current goals TradeWinds, 27 November 2002 - De Palacio ready to ban 23-year-old tankers Lloyd’s List, 28 November 2002 - Prestige master tells judge: ‘Everything I did was to avoid pollution’ ... More